Supply Chain
Global supply chain teams need to have near-real time visibility to the status of orders,
shipments and in-transit inventory to optimize the network. Desired by many, and achieved by
few, it is complicated by the realities of today’s global network: multiple trading partners, all with
different information systems and local definitions, and information that can flow at unpredictable
times in different time zones.

    With the local partners managing the supply chain
    from each side, MultiCOINS can address the
    complexity of global network with five key capabilities
    that are all needed to provide consistent, reliable
    and timely information:
  • Supply Chain Network – we have one of the most
extensive networks in the industry with local experts
connecting suppliers, buyers, forwarders, transportation
Carriers across all modes, trading parties and customs

  • Data Quality Management - we have developed a
proven set of business processes to ensure that the
information flow is complete, accurate and timely.

  • Order, Shipment and Inventory Visibility - we can handle the complex structures associated
    with orders and multi-mode shipments, and tracks inventory at a granular-enough level to
    make fulfillment decisions such as diversions or direct-to-store delivery.

  • Alerts & Event Management - we develop schedules by origin, destination and
    product/service type to measure attainment of a milestone plan to monitor the shipment
    when it is on-time, early or late and can take appropriate action.

  • Performance Management – the information is aggregated and optimized for reporting to
    effectively manage the performance of service providers and streamline the supply chain.