"Our aim is to be the world's most trusted and respected global  
trading community."
                                                  Winco Chui, Founding Partner of MultiCOINS

MultiCOINS is a leader in global trading services offering innovative, intelligent and feasible
solutions to its customers with one of the most comprehensive business community that provides the
information, the knowledge, the resource and the expertise of trusted market participants around the
Vision: On demand global trading supply chain ability with trusted community wealth

Motto: In COINS We Trust

Mission: Creating Wealth in COINS

Businesses: As a Global Trading Service Provider across many manufacturers, agencies an
countries, we provide the convenience of a one-stop shop to customers with customized Total
Supply Chain Service Solution to create sustainable business advantage to meet the strategic
needs of today and tomorrow.

MultiCOINS: We are the leader of a premier export/import trading community that offers
comprehensive services in sourcing, commerce, market development as well as integrated
logistics throughout the entire supply chain for high-volume, time-sensitive consumer goods,
trading between Asia, Europe and Americas.
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