Market Development
The world is ready for change – that much is clear.

For business owners of all kinds, this moment presents a rare opportunity. Our
world is not just getting smaller and flatter, it is also becoming smarter. And that
means we have the potential to change the way the world literally works for the

At MultiCOINS, international business is now being conducted in a dynamic ability
Global Sourcing Solutions supported by trusted business partners in
manufacturing, sourcing, import/export, forwarding, logistics, customs brokerage,
quality assurance, auditing & accounting, financing and business services
worldwide. We are interconnecting all of this through our COmmunity of
Interested Network Society –
COINS in each country to establish today’s
MultiCOINS, which has come of age. And we are qualifying more proven partners,
applying advantageous value-added services with sophisticated local expertise to
turn unfamiliar territories into new markets with incomparable insight, knowledge
and intelligence for our trusted customers.