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MultiCOINS can provide customized total solution services in managing supply chain that include:
Pre-distribution Service - At point of origin, containers are loaded in a special manner for
distribution center or store direct delivery. Merchandise is distribution ready and enables
customers to:

  • Plan shipments further in advance
  • Bypass deconsolidation at destination
  • Reduce handling time
  • Expedite delivery
  • Improve cycle time and reduce inventory expense

Vendor Management - We can manage all the vendors globally by working on the
customer’s behalf with local cities, towns, or countries around the world. We report on
vendor performance in all aspects of compliance to:

  • Measure vendor response
  • Measure late delivery
  • Prepare cargo & overdue reports
  • List all vendors who delivered after last deliver date
  • Highlight best/worst category; early/on-time/late
  • Locate missing information in shipping order
  • Summarize specific vendor performance to first ship date on a year-to-year basis