Trade and Supply Chain
Supply Chain Visibility

In global trading, while Trade Finance provides critical
‘physical supply chain’ information to support the
automation of the financial supply chain, by joining
these traditionally separate processes in the physical
supply chain logistics, MultiCOINS can offer benefit in a
number of ways:

  • Manage supply risk with visibility of all
    trading parties
  • Control delivery risk with visibility of orders
    and inventory in-motion
  • Reduce cash-to-cash cycles
  • Lower total value chain costs by leveraging
    local partner’s expertise and advantage
  • Make more accurate financial predictions
Supply Chain Network

The key to realizing these benefits is to embrace the global
resources and coverage of MultiCOINS to assemble a portfolio of
Trade & Supply Chain services including Letter of Credit,
Documentary Collection, Open Account and Supplier Early Payment
Program and integrate these services with key physical supply
chain process. In this way, the services can efficiently operate with
purchase orders, packing lists, advance ship notices, commercial
invoices and trigger payment based on supply chain statuses such
as forwarder cargo receipt and customs clearance.