Global Sourcing Solutions
Global sourcing requires worldwide resources but also careful planning as part of an holistic,
sustainable and value-added approach underpinned by a deep understanding of the culture and
nature of each individual customer environment.

By implementing a strong business partnership and proven processes and procedures with our
local MultiCOINS partners in the country, the ability of global sourcing brings major benefits that

  • Major Cost Savings – Gain maximum leveraging of lower cost competencies
  • World Class Quality – Think globally and act locally with best in class abilities
  • Flexible Global Resource Pool – Access to wide variety of product supplies and skills
    globally, generating greater capacity and ability to respond to fluctuations in market
  • Dynamic Business Continuity – Embrace proven work processes and standardized
    tooling globally, enabling swift transfer of work between countries.
  • Ease of Working / Low Risk – Work on established infrastructure with seamless
    integration of partner, local and global support teams
  • More Capability to Innovate – Using liberated budgets and manpower to explore new
There is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ specification for global sourcing – each solution is as
unique as the organization for which it is designed, therefore, MultiCOINS’ approach
fully embraces flexibility. We gauge each customer’s level of maturity in using global
sourcing and assess how teams, working environments and partners operate to
determine how front and back-office processes of the supply chain logistics can best
be integrated.

We consider all the available options to develop a tailored, fit-for-purpose solution.
From here, a structured approach ensures a logical and timely progression through
the key stages in the supply chain, enabling customers to get the best return from
the investment.